social-media-logos An integral part of your Brands success is reaching current customers and NEW customers through inventive and comprehensive social-media marketing campaigns.

Here are some easy-to-do ways to build up your following and your brand.

1. Communicate by Channel.

Does ESPN broadcast the same programs as HBO? No. A successful Social Branding campaign is one that is specific to the Channel (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc). If you don’t want your posts to get lost in the Twitter stream act like it. If you’re on Twitter be ON Twitter. If you’re on Instagram be ON Instagram. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Pick what medium your audience prefers and is the most active on.

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2. Express yourself.

If you feel limited by Twitter’s character count, feel free to expand on a point with posts on platforms like Tumblr, Google+ and LinkedIn but keep it to the medium. If it’s a video use a video post if its an image post on Instagram or Tumblr.

4. Inspire action oriented behavior.

Include call to action buttons (i.e. “like this page” and “learn more”) in your posts to gain more traction, clicks and conversions. Increase your opportunity to turn your content into a Viral Machine.

5. Make connections and then make MORE connections.

You’re not just selling a product or a service, but yourself and your Brand. Whether you’re a multi-billion dollar CPG or a single roof top Sandwich Shop you are selling you. Be authentic and connect with folks that share your sense of your product. If you know of people in your orbit who would benefit from meeting telephonically, over email or skype, whether they are an investor, advisor, client or customer, make the introduction – you and the brand be well remembered.

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