Rewind to 2013 when HomeDepot’s Agency of Record screwed up. Hugely. The Agency of Record thought they would ride the Hashtag trend for #football and #HDgameday. Unfortunately they did so by tweeting out a racist tweet with two young African Americans and a man in a gorilla suit.  The tweet was captured and spiraled out of control. What a tough day for Home Depot the AOR and the Social Media Strategist. Huge error and huge negative impact.

home depot racism

Home Depot quickly posted a response the damage was already done. To Home Depot’s credit they quickly tweeted a response and FIRED the AOR and deleted the highly offensive tweet but like all things in Social Media it was too

What a Brand can learn:

1. Avoid anything remotely race related, it’s dumb and painful and rightfully so.

2. Social is PERMANENT, it’s never, ever going away. No matter how quickly you delete the tweet.

3. If you make an error, call it out. Steal the thunder.

4. Review your Agency’s of Records “Best Practices Guidelines,” every good Agency has one.